Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy times and sad times

A month ago I received this present from Lynda at Bozzy's blog. Thank you Lynda! Sorry I have not hat time to blog earlier.

As you probably know, MIL is ill. Her situation is stabile, but bad. We are sadly facing the fact that she probably will be leaving us soon.

I have added this quilt to my finished project list in february. It is compleet with binding. The photo is not the best, but the camera and the photographer is not in tune.....

Hugs from Nancy


Anonymous said...

I hope everything goes well with your MIL. But your quilt looks great and enjoy your presents

Hanne said...

Dear Nancy!
I hope your MIL will pass peacefully when the time comes!

Your quilt looks happy and cheerful :-)
We should all take your words to heart and live our lives to the fullest!

Anonymous said...
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Sissel H.S said...

Nå har jeg kuttet 72 striper så nå hermer jeg etter deg :-)

Anonymous said...

Mycket fint rosa teppe/PJ