Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I love lotteries and at our annual meeting there is allways great prizes at the lotteries. This is what I won on Saturday! A lovely kit for a Easter tablerunner. I'll start on this one tomorrow.

Block lottery is another lottery I try to paticipate in every year. This year it was a scrappy block. Guess what, I won! Also this lottery was drawn on Saturday.

I did not win on Sunday allthoe I had my heart set on one of the main prizes a blue and white quilt. Did I remember to take a photo? No :-(

Today I have spent the entire day with a visiter around my feet. Did not get time to do much, but finished tieing both ends of rugs made in January. I'll tell you all about my visiter tomorrow.

Take care.

Hugs from Nancy


Nina In Norway said...

The kit was just in time...Nice colours, and the blocks were just lovely. I am in a progress of completing a quilt made of lottery blocks.

Oddbjørg said...

Two prizes at the same day! Lucky you!