Monday, September 21, 2009

Update on projects

Time to update my list of finished projects in September. The update list is on my sidebar.

This Pillow is from my jeans cutting earlier this summer. Front part was compleated in July, but for unknown reason the back part have been missing. I put it together last week.

Makeing projects for my Stitchers Angel is so much fun. This is a book cover I made for xxxxx. Hi hi. I'm not going to tell who she is. Hi hi. She might read this post ;-)

Cleaning out my attic some months ago I found some cross stitch work I made many many years ago. This one had a misshap in the cleaning prossess. I do plan to make it work in a project. I will get back to that project in October.

Back to my sewingmachine! I have work to complete before Ocotober 1. Sneek peek will be postet during the week end.

See you.

Hugs from Nancy

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Sølvi's blog said...

Det var jo ett nydelig korsstingsarbeid , håper du får redda stumpene