Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas spirit

Last part of November and first half part of December is such a hectic part of the year. I had to make priorities. Sorry about that. Ok, I have made presents, packed and sent off to friends and relatives. I have made some traditional foods and this week the cookies are planed. I try to have a calm perspective on Christmas preparations, but it seem like busyness is a part of my traditional Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love Advent and all the preparation I love to do from first Sunday in Advent until Christmas Eve. I plan my preparations and I have a strong rule that if I don’t get all my plans come through and all my cleaning done last week end before Christmas eve, it’s not necessary to be able to celebrate the holidays. I stay true to this rule because it makes me relax and enjoy preparing for the holidays.

Advent is a wonderful time. I have some great friends joining Advent surprise gifts every Sunday in Advent. Also my mom and I have exchanged Advent calendar gifts for many years.  A part of our tradition.

This are the gifts I opened from May Britt, Hanne and Bente (no blogger) this morning.


This is the gifts I have received the two previous Sundays in Advent.


Thank you so much May Britt, Hanne and Bente.

MIL is in the hospital again. DH is up north this weekend to visit her. Hi did not know she was hospitalized until he arrived in Tromsø.  He is returning home tomorrow night.

I have a few Christmas surprises for him on his return.

I’ll tell you all about it in my next post, and I’ll also have new photos of Zappa helping me making Christmas presents :-).

Hugs from Nancy

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