Thursday, September 16, 2010

What is going on?

I’m back! I am sorry about my absent but sometime life just gets in the way. I’ll give you the short story.

Vacation in our camper was wonderful and a great success. We enjoyed ever single day driving about 5000 km. Seems like the Gizmo and Zappa have enjoyed staying ”Home Alone”. Just look what DS2 caught with the camera.

Men Zappa da

Home again the vacation mode kept on, but than a phoncall changed it all. We had made arrangements for renovating our kitchen and living room this fall. Second day after returning home the company called and wanted to start in one week. My stomach fell too the floor. So much to pack down in boxes and so much furnisher to move to the garage. On top of that DH had a busy traveling schedule this fall. First things first. I got the company to give two more weeks before starting. Now my house looks like this.

 Kjøkkenet Livingroom Terrassen

I was not totally prepared for all those small things that had to be taken care of during renovating process. Deciding paint for this and that, handles, tiles, kitchen details, Zink, type of flooring. Shopping for new furnisher is the part I enjoyed J

Our laundry room is our kitchen for the time being. We have a microwave and a water heater. Dinners are things that can be heated in microwave or take-away.

Our TV room is in my sewing room. Yes, can you believe it! DH have moved inn with his big screen and recliner. I’ll tell you, Soccer in my sewing room does not go very well. I miss the peace and calmness that I usually enjoy in my sewing room. However, some sewing have been going on. More about that later.

Hugs from Nancy


Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, a renovation -- how fun and good luck! I don't think I'd like soccer in my sewing room either, but at least you can enjoy the togetherness LOL!

May Britt said...

You have to take back control of your sewingroom LOL But I guess all this is worth it when it is all back in place in the livingroom :)

Anonymous said...

Oooo... looks crazy. But I'm sure it'll be gorgeous when all is done. I still can't believe you let hubby move the TV into your sewing room, but a means to an end I guess ;-)

Anonymous said...

You must think how your kitchen and livingroom will look after renovation. And then you will get your sewingroom back. Soccer in the sewingroom *yikkes*. Good luck with everything

Anonymous said...

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