Saturday, April 9, 2011

Great spring feeling

This past week have brought me closer to publishing new patterns. I have tested this new product for transferring stitchery, Transfer-Eze. I love it!


I have this great spring feeling! May be I am like a bear and just woke up from my winter sleep. LOL. While doing work in my garden I picked these branches. In just a few days in a vase they looked like this. I don’t know what this bush is called in English. The bush gets flowers before leaves in the spring.

Spring inside

As you probably have noticed, I love my cats. Zappa is a funny and playful cat. Even so, Zappa also have his relaxing moments. Have you ever seen a cat rocking chair? Jepp, Zappa love this oval basket with a rounded bottom.

Zappas rockingchaire

Have a lovely spring week end.

Hugs from Nancy


Beezus said...

I believe your beautiful branches are called forsythia in English. :)

Love the kitty rocking chair!

2ne said...

Nesten sommerfølelse når man ser jordbæra :-)