Sunday, November 6, 2011


October came, and went! November is on and that means Christmas planning. In fact I have already bought several x-mas presents.

I must admit I have a concentration problem! My sewing room projects are absolutely in slow progress. It works like this: By the time I have pieced a top for a quilt, table runner etc. than my head is full of new “great” ideas and I’ll rather start a new project than finish the top. The problem is that when I can see how the project will turn out I kind of loose the spirit. Anybody who have a similar sewing room problem? If you have a tip or cure, please contact me.

Still I am very proud of having a finish! This was a kit for a baking cover (for covering bread etc. when rising). The kit was a birthday present from my friend May-Britt. I was joking about not buying kits because I never got to finish them. But look, May-Britt, I did finish!


I have picked out a new kit from my box. This will be my next kit project.

New kit

Best wishes for a new week.

Hugs from Nancy

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May Britt said...

Så bra du sydde den ferdig da :) Vil passe bra på kjøkkenet ditt.