Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Premier knitting

Past week I really needed a break from sewing projects and text work for classes and pattern. It actually felt very good to do some simple knitting for premier project Amanda. My Baby Born doll is a great model. (Also used for birthday and X-mas gift projects).

Guttelue og sokker flere luer og sokker

While knitting I enjoyed watching TV and company with DH. We had a nice anniversary dinner on Saturday and I got a nice gift of Pearls. Yes, right! Married for 30 years. I can hardly believe it (or how DH has tolerated all my sewing mess all this years!).

Ok I’m off NLQ on Friday morning for classes. Looking forward to a fun weekend and scrap quilting.  My suitcases are just within the limit!  I bring as many modells as possible. 

Hugs from Nancy


Thimbleanna said...

Happy Anniversary! Your knitting is so pretty. Have a wonderful time at you get-away!

Elins systue said...

fine småklær