Saturday, July 28, 2007

My old office and old sewingroom

OK. Here is my mess! This is my old home office. It is ok. The desk, computer and printer is already installed in the new work space - my studio!

The old office had a spare bed........ filled with bags of finished quilts, unfinished quilts, models for classes, patterns and more. Do you recognize the bag with quilts where my cat Gizmo love to nap? You can see Gizmo napping here.
Well, here it is. My sewingroom ta ta ta ta........ All my books, magazines and fabrics have been laying too close together and multiplied........ I'm sure that is what have happend! I share the room with washer and dryer....... DH always introduce this room as my hobby area :-/ Isn't he a darling! He does not tell that he have to iron shirts and help out with laundry :-)
As you see, things pileing ....
This is where I keep my stach. In a storage next to laundry room. Neetly packed in boxes :-) I will rearrange the hole storage and stash i my new studio. I need to have a better view of my lovely fabrics :-)I am a pritty organized person and when my sewingroom gets to messy, I can not do any work.
I need more space to do so - or should I get rid of some of my stuff? I have, with great interest, search for blogs with stachreduseing quiltmaking. This site is one of my favorites. If you have a stach reduseing idea and post it as a coment, you will be in a drawing for 10 fat eights, colours of your choice. The drawing will take place Monday at 18:00 my time.


Tina said...

Gratulere med nytt syrom :-) Jeg må si jeg er misunnelig. Håper du får mange kreative stunder der :-) Ha fortsatt en fin sommer!

Anonymous said...

Gratulerer med nytt syrom. Det må bare bli flott så strukturert som du er.
Når det er snakk om å redusere stoff m.m. ta med en overraskelses pakke til hvert styremedlem på neste møte! Lag noen flere tepper til aksjonen tepper som varmer. Sett i gang flere medlemmer i quiltelaget ditt og gi dem stoff til å starte med (forutsett da at de lager et teppe)Bare noen ideer, ikke sikkert det blir så mye mindre lageret ditt, men det kan vel hjelpe noe! Hilsen Astri

Serviced Office Provider said...

It is always ideal to work in an organised office space. This makes one to be comfortable enough to be productive in his or her job. :)