Friday, September 7, 2007

I love Fridays

The days passes quickly. Clear and cool air in the morning is one of the things autumn brings. This last week have been really nice. Sunny and nice temperature during the day.
I have spent time in the garden doing som clean-up, collecting seeds and picking apples. This weekend I'm making Apple chutney.

Enjoy some photos from my garden.

I enjoy the colours. Hope you do too :-)

I have been doing a few sewing things since last post. This Guest towles are quick and easy gifts that my friends have appriciated. Needed a quick gift and as they turned out nice so I made a few extra ......

Visiting my local quiltshop today, this bunch 'jumped into my shoppingbag'!

Have a relaxing and nice week end.

Hugs from Nancy


Linda said...

What beautiful flowers Nancy, you must enjoy spending time in your garden with so much beautiful colour around. I can see why those fabrics jumped into your bag.

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful flower pictures Nancy! And your guest towels are really cute.

de vliegende koe said...

Hi Nancy, I found your blog via May Britt’s. I love the photos of your garden and the guest towel with the cow is too cute!

leanne beasley said...

Hi Nancy, I also found your blog via May Britt's. Your garden is divine and really inspiring! I am doing some stitchery cone flowers (the pink droopy petals - not sure if you call them the same thing)at the moment and it was lovely to see yours really in your own garden! Best wishes from Australia.