Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm back!

Hi to all off you reading my blog.

I am so happy about all of you finding and reading my blog. I have been busy, but did not realize that it is more than a month since my last note! I apologize to all of you that have visited and not finding new posts. Also apologize for not leaving coments in blogs I have visited last month. I find myself in a spot I really don't want to bee in. That is not having time to do things I love - like sewing, spend time with friends, reading and leave notes to bloggers I visit. My energy is very low this fall. Started a new part time job in june but it does not work as good as I hoped to. I'm too tiered as it is now. Need to get my act together and do some changes.

Ok, that was todays confession and compalints.

1 comment:

mreteveian said...

Håper du får tatt de rette grapene og er tilbake på sporet igjen!