Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas in 25 days

I'm behind, definetly behind!!

So, I have desided to take one step at the time. This is my list of what to do:

  1. Clean house, one room at the time........... I should be done in time for Christmas then.......... Phuu
  2. Look for the Star, the outdoor lights and tabelrunners for Advent. I have it all in boxes in the attic - somewhere ......
  3. Hang Advent Star and do Advent decoration in livingroom. Not much but I have to have my Advent tablerunners and candles.
  4. Get Hubby to do the outdoor decoration.
  5. Remind hubby that writing Chritmas cards is his task!
  6. Hang Advent Star and do Advent decoration in livingroom. Tablerunners, candles etc.
  7. Buy/make presents for relatives and others to send by regular mail. Have to be done by Des 12.
  8. Make Christmas cookies - very important !!
  9. Do Christmas decoration in the house as my cleaning proceed.
  10. Make dinningplans and make shoppinglists.
  11. Prepare food that have to be prepared in advance.
  12. Buy presents for hubby and sons.

To be honest, hubby is very good and helping out with cleaning and cooking, but mostly in weekends. Unfortunatly he have just 2 weekends free to help out. I also have a houserule: Whats not done last weekend before Christmas eve is not going to be done! That meens, things on my list that's not done by Des 21 is not going to be done. That is a fact! Christmas eve is going to happen anyway!!

Love from Nancy


May Britt said...

I'm sure you will get it done. One step each day. I have to do that too. starting on monday. First quiltmeeting today, and this weekend enjoy time with my hubby and DD

Suze said...

Whew.......... I am tired just reading the list. What gets done is good. What doesn't get done will not matter.

I like making list on my blog of things that I need to do. Then I can rest because the list is made.

Thimbleanna said...

Great list Nancy! I'm even more behind than you are -- I haven't made my list yet LOL!