Friday, November 16, 2007


Wednesday evening our local quiltgroup had our monthly meeting. This month we had display of all the quilts made for charity "Tepper som varmer" (children with serious decises). This fall our group have made 23 quilts to give away. There were so many that we had to hang on top of each other. I have all the quilts here to be marked and registrated before I take the trip to the childrens ward at the two hospitals in our region.

I'm very pleased and happy for two reasons. Our local group have only 63 members and my heart is inn for this kind of charity.

We also had regular "Show and tell". I did not manage to take photos of all but here are some of the nice things shown.

Above is to really nice bags. I can not remember who made them ( alzhimer lite LOL)

Next is Sissel laughing at me with her new bag that contained quilttops she have been working on lately.

First she showed her Ellinor Burns quilt made from two packs of squares bought in Birmingham.

And then there was this beautifull Thumbler quilt top for a dobble bed. That's a girl, Sissel. Next show and tell she probably would have both of them quiltet!!

Anne and Kristin from Quilten had this beautifull quilttop made from a pattern by Bugs Barn.

Can you beleve it, there was another girl with the same top but another colorvariation.

Anne Lovise have made this beautifull weddingquilt for her daughter who got married in June. All the guests have written greatings that is stitched in the middle of every heart.

The centerpiece is this beautifull trapunto doves and nest. Very symbolic.

This are some cute angles......

Great meeting.

Hugs from Nancy


Sølvi said...

Så flott at dere har fått med så mange medlemmer på å lage tepper til teppeaksjonen

May Britt said...

Thanks for showing all this from your quitgroup. It's so wonderful that you all have made so many quilts to "Tepper som varmer"

mreteveian said...

Godt å ha deg i bloggland igjen!
Har fått masse hyggelige kommentarer på duken som du lagde mønster til og som mamma har sydd til seg selv fra stoffer du plukket ut :-)

Wenche said...

Mye flott her, flott med så mage quilter til "Teppe som varmer".

Godt å se deg tilbake.