Monday, January 7, 2008

More WISP's

Looking through my secret pile of UFO's sure gave me something to think about. I need more than one month to finish all my UFO's!

I found 7 tops to be quilted! 3 of them are RR from 2006. In addition one scrap quilttop that just need borders and than is ready to be quilted. Also found ready made blocks from international block swaps - enough for 4 - 5 quilttops. One box with hand appliqued blocks ment to be a dobble bedspread. Another box with scrapblocks for a lapquilt. 4 placemats to be quilted and binded, one lapquilt only missing binding. So far 17 - 18 projects that need to be completed, not counting projects presented allready..... For me January don't have enough days to finish it all.

This weekend i put together this top. The fabric pieces are from my advent calender. My mom have made a simular quilttop. Have a look at her blog (unfortunatly she only writes in Norwegian). This is one of the quilts that need to be quilted and binded, hopefully in January.

Same goes for this Eye-Spy quilt. I cleaned out all pieces of bright colored children fabric when moving sewingroom some months ago. The top is done but now I need to quilt and binde.

I have desided not to get worked up by descovering that my WISP-list is pritty long! I'll continue slow and easy with quilting and binding this 4 placemats :-)

Than continue with binding this quilted lap quilt made from my 1 1/2 inch scraps. In addition I'm working on patterns to be published in Norway.

Love from Nancy


Linda said...

I love your placemats and the last quilt photo, such striking colours. Do you have plans in the future to have your patterns printed in English?

May Britt said...

you got toooooo many lovely quilt tops. Your placemats is lovely. We just keep on finishing some WISPs and then we start on something new LOL

Nina In Norway said...

Å så masse fint. Eye Spy Quilt var en god ide. Hmmm mon tor om jeg også skulle prøve det en gang jeg har god tid?

Tonje said...

I just love the quilt on the last photo here. Wow... great colours! The place mats are gorgeous too.