Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Last weeks activities

I have enjoyed my new sewingroom very much. DH have put up 3 more shelfs. Boxes of various contents are moved from old sewingspace to new. Starting to look good.

We have had a lot of rain lately.... But the day I had invited my friend for a "wet" lunch at the front porch the wether turned out beautiful. No rain, some clouds and nice temperature. We had a long and nice lunch.

This is the first project that was started and finished in my new sewingroom. The Clothes-peg bag is made from at pattern in Quiltemagasinet no 3/07. The designer is AnnaKa.

I have finished 35 blocks of HST for a quilt. The blocks are not put together for a top. It might turn out to be a queen size quilt with borders. I have not decided yet.

Moveing my fabrics I realized that I have a lot...... I picked out some of the bright color motif fabrics for a crib quilt. I have cut 352 4" squares ready to be layed out and sewn together.

My scrap box was totaly packed so I could not get the lid on. I decided to cut from scraps for a quilt called Star Struck made by Bonnie. Visit her blog here and web page here. Lots of ideas for scrap quilts.

After all my efforts to use some scraps I have now two packed boxes. What happend? Did my scraps multiply????

Love from Nancy


May Britt said...

Clothes in a dark cabinet shrinks, but fabric in a sewingroom multiplies............ WHY?????

Thimbleanna said...

You've been busy, busy while I've been away! Love the pin bag and the green sqares -- can't wait to see the quilt!