Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting back on track

Phu, it took some days to recover from the great experience of Birmingham. I was full of inspiration but desided to finnish one project before starting a new one. So, I went for binding on my rosequilt. How stupid am I!! It took forever to hand stitch about 9 meter of binding to the back. However the Olympic Games is on there have been some highlights for a Norwegian soul this week.

Autumn is my favorit season. I love to walk in the woods. Love the colours and all those goodies hidden. Yesterday I went for a walk and came home with this catch. The summer have been quite dry but some rain last couple of weeks had done good. I have no idea what different types are called in English that's why I do Norwegian and latin names :-) May bee somebody can help me out?

Left side: Skjellstorpigg (Sarcodon Imbricatus). Right side: Kantarell (Cantharellus Cibarius).
Back basket: Steinsopp og rødskrubb (Boletus and Leccinum). Middle bowl: Piggsopp (Hydnum) and small bowl in front: Traktkantarell (Cantharellus Tubaeformis).

It is early in the season for the last type so they still are pritty small. I'll be back to pick more later in season. Next time I have to remember to bring my camera too.

It felt so good with a long walk in the woods, but I got really tired and totally out of breath. I was not accactly seeping around but my breathing is a problem.

DH was cooking while I was away. He made a delicious casseroll of chicken breast and bacon. He had some secret ingredients in the sauce, like white wine, red wine and cognac.... He is a master hunting and trying out new recipies.

Have a great Sunday. Come back and see what I'm working on in my sewingroom. SMILE

Hugs from Nancy

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May Britt said...

Yummy yummy.......wish I was there to taste his chicken dish.
I went looking for "kantareller" this weekend. Only four was to be found.