Friday, August 1, 2008

Giveaway drawing

Ta ta ta ta and drumrolls!!

I did the drawing on wednesday. I know I should have blogged right away but I have not spent time with the computer at all this past week. Unfortunatly the wether have been to hot and the fan in my computer have bee struggling to keep cool.

So: Ta ta ta ta and drumrolls!! The winner of my 100 post giveaway is: Chook. Congratulation. I have not desided yet what to make so it will take some days before I'm ready to send. Please send your snail mail addy in a privat mail. Funny thing is, there was a secon tag clinging to Chooks. It hang on like glued :-) One of you would not let go even if I just had one thing for this giveaway. So, May Britt, you simply would not let go :-) I'll reward your persistent :-)

By the way, May Britt is having her two year bloganniversary giveaway.

Hugs from Nancy

1 comment:

chook said...

oh wow Nancy thank you
I will send you an email
hugs Beth