Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy dance!!!

Na nan nan nan na na! Na nan nan nan na na! Can you see me doing Happy dance?

Today I got a really fat envelope in the mail. It was from Anna M from Utah who is my swap partner in Lindas Bag / Bucket swap.

Look at this beautifull tote. It has a beautifull flower stitchery in heart shape in the front. Look at those cute little red halfcircles on top? It looks like its made of yo-yo's. I red your blog that this is the second bag you have made. You do excelent work!

There is more! Anna also sent me chocolate, (yammy yammy - it's allready gone!), 4 fq of fabrics, a quiltmagazine, excelent smelling showercream and cards. Thank you so much, Anna, for wonderfull gifts.

Lindas Bag/bucket swap was a great idea: Now I regret not signing up for more swaps. Thank you Linda for hosting this great swap.

Hugs from Nancy


Carin said...

What a great package!

May Britt said...

Lucky you. A lot of goodies .

Linda said...

Well aren't you the lucky girl? What a lovely package, and such a sweet bag....So glad you enjoyed the swap.

Jeanne said...

The bag is really cute! Lots of great goodies inside of it, too.

Stina said...

I can see why you were dancing...Lovely package you got...;o)
And the bag is amazing!!

Anna M. said...

I'm so glad you liked the package Nancy! I had so much fun making the bag for you! Thanks! =)

Amy said...

Hi...wanted to tell you how much I love the bag you sent to Susan in Michigan. Did you use a pattern? Would you be willing to share the pattern name? Love your do lovely work.