Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday thoughts

Days are getting back to normal. DS1 and DIL left yesterday with Rex. As you can see Gizmo sure enjoy some peace and quiet in his house.

The holidays have been a lot of fun, lot of visiting people, good foods and drinks. I got a bit tired myself yesterday. I ment to just relax on the couch with a good book. I ended up having a nap for several hours while DH was cooking. He is a darling, enjoying cooking so much.
I promised to show the contents of those silver packets on my moms advent calendar. DIL showed me a small photo prosessing software and I made this collage of all the dayly gifts.

I have not done any sewing since I finished last christmas presents. This is the bag I made for MIL for her to keep all her medicines and creams in.

I also made this quilt for my niece Linnea. She is 15 months old and a darling princess. This is the center detail.
Today I hope to finish block 10 of Nohas Ark BOM.
I have several small stitcheries ready to be stitched. Among them a lovely Christmas Heart from May Britt. You find it here.
Hugs from Nancy


zizzybob said...

I love the quilt you made for your neice Linnea. I am making a quilt for my granddaughter who is also a princess. Can you tell me where you got the pattern?

May Britt said...

A lot of great gifts in the adventcalendar from your mom. And so fun to see you used my Ha en fin dag design heart on the bag for her :)

Jeanne said...

Such wonderful gifts! The bag for your MIL is terrific and the heart stitchery makes it even more special. Happy New Year!

Jeanne said...

How could I forget to comment on Gizmo under the tree? He's adorable and obviously exhausted from the hustle and bustle of Christmas. :)

Christine said...

Happy New Year. I like your picture of Gizmo. He's a bit like my Oliver. The bag you made your MIL is very nice.

Joan said...

The bag you made is sooo lovely. Glad you had fun over the holiday.

debbie said...

The little medicine bag you made for your Mil is lovely, did you have a pattern or make it up. I think my mum would like one like that too.