Saturday, December 6, 2008

Advent - preparing for Christmas

Remember the Advent gifts in previous post? Last weekend I opend first gift from May Britt and Hanne. From May Britt I got some beautiful lime green buttons. From Hanne a cute Tilda stitchery with thread.

My camera is acting up on me! I am no great photographer and my camera is Canon Ixux 500 TI. For no reason I know of the memory card will not delever photos to my laptop, nor show photos on the camera. The display say memory card is locked. What is going on?? Anybody who can give me a clue?

Lucky I had an old memory card laying around, but it's very limited. We had our Christmas meeting in our local quiltgroup on Wednesday. A lot of nice food, chat and , of cause, show and tell. I fiddled a lot to get my camera working so I just took a few photos.

This is a beautifull soft colourd quilt one of the ladies had made for her daughter. I guess as a Cristmas present.

This is a Christmas quilt made from red and green squares combined with redwork stitcheries. The quilt is a lot nicer in real life.
Not all had made big quilts, Thank goodness! Anne had made this Christmas postcard. Very nice. Look at the quilting detales.
Hugs from Nancy


Hanne said...

Fine bilder fra møtet :-)

Jeg har Canon kamera, og jeg ser at det er en liten lås på siden av minnekortet - en liten gul dings. Kanskje du har klart å låse kortet på den måten ?

Simone de Klerk said...

Fun to see what you got (O;

Stina said...

No tip at all for the camera...
Thanks for showing the lovely photos... and good luck tomorrow with opening of number two... :o)

joan said...

It is great to have advent gifts .
Lovely quilts from your quilting group.