Monday, February 15, 2010

Focus this week

I am working on same projects as last week.

Lappemor was my guardian Angel past week and came up with the brown fabric I needed to complete the tabel runner in my previous week post. Hmmm, same fabrics and design would look great as a curtain for my kitchen window…….. Now I have fabric enough to make it :-)

Fabric needed

My BOM pattern project is a lot of work. Not the actual making of the quilt, but the double checking of pattern and text before publishing. I am trying to make this in to a 10 part project including a good fabric & cutting plan for the shops that wants to sell my BOM. The thing is that I have been working on this project for so long that the fabrics are not ”new” any more. What kind of experience do you BOM designers and BOM buyers have? Do you like the pattern and make your own fabric choices or is it those exact fabrics that make the project? I would love some advice from YOU!


The Olympic Games are on and as a true winter sport nation the inhabitants in our house follow it all on TV. It’s a kind of good/ bad situation. DH took a fall on ice a couple of weeks ago. The result was two fractured ribs in his back. He had just recovered from the staircase fall in June with three rib fractures. OK not same side but still... He spends nights and days in”the good chair” in front of TV. I really don’t know if it’s all due to back pain and problem to lay down and get up of bed, or the convenience of being able to watch the Winter Olympics. I know he is hurting. I have suffered from rib fractures my self so I know the drill: You better not laugh, sneeze or do quick moves.

Ï had great hopes for this challenge about weekly focus. Now I have to admit I am such a sucker at it! I have to admit that I kind of ”took a step aside” on Sunday, again.

A pattern for a wool fleece dress caught my attention at my local store. I bought the pattern and wool fleece to go with it. Saturday I cut out the peaces for the dress and got some leftovers. I know I have a heart for scrap quilts, but now I wonder if it is the leftover bug that triggers me. Anyway, I had this nice wool fleece leftovers and they had to be put to good use. I collect Teddy Bears but have yet to make one my self, until Sunday. I browsed Google and found a pattern for a Teddy Bear and off I went. I enjoyed making my first Teddy Bear so much that I have to do it again. Sunday was Valentines Day as well as Mothers Day here in Norway. DH surprised me with lovely chocolates. My cute Teddy Bear has not been named yet, but he looks right on in my collectors’ corner.

Valentinehearts and Teddy

Valentino is just the right name!!

Hugs from Nancy

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