Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Challenge and Quilt Festival

Are you up for a challenge?

Give me your best stach reducing idea and you will be in a drawing for 10 fat eights, colours of your choice. The drawing will take place Monday August 20th at 18:00 my time..

I posted a simular request on July 28th. Only one person responded. 10 fat eights are in the mail :-) Congratulation to Astri!

I have butterflies in my stomach! To morrow morning I'm leaving for Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England. First time at Quilt Show in England. I'm so much looking forward to several days filled with quilts, shopping and friends.

See you Monday than :-) Nancy


May Britt said...

Best way to reduce your stash must be to anonce a challenge like this....thihi....
I have made an agreement with some friends now. We have found a pattern we all like. And when I'm better in my arm we are bringing all our blue, brown and beige fabrics to a meeting. One is cutting, one is sewing and the third is ironing the pieces. We are making three quilts and sharing all fabrics in all quilts.
Quilting together with friends is fun.

Have a nice trip to Birmingham. If you find something I didn't know I had to have send me an sms.


Anne Ida said...

Hi, found you via Berit!
Okay, I see May Britt has a woderful idea, combining quilting and spending time with friends, so perhaps that might be the best? Anyway I like to play, so here is my tip; I once came across the idea of making a versitile quilt, you piece two large quilt tops - equal size - and quilt them together using a "neutral" quilting pattern (f.ex. some meandering) - you have two quilts in one, and you bust some stash because you don't have to go out and buy fabric for backing(s) :o)
Haven't tried it myself, but the quilt(s) on show was great! I guess it works best if both quilt tops are in matching sectors of the colour wheel, or both are scrappy :o)
Safe travel!

Anne-Grethe said...

Bare noen ord for å ønske deg en riktig god tur og nyt hvert øyeblikk!
Et tips for å bli rester/ minke beholdningen: Dårlig økonomi i kommunene går ofte ut over skolene. Mine barn tok "symaskinsertifikat" på barneskolen, og da sydde de bl.a på papir! Tenk å få sy en egen quilt/grytlapp etc. av gode bomullsstoffer...Det skal tidlig krøkes som god quilter skal bli!

Lindah said...

Hi Nancy!
What a good question...How to use scraps and fat quarters! Maybe I will learn some new tricks, too! Of course, giving them away as prizes and gifts might be the fastest! lol You can even use them for wrapping. Seriously, I make lap quilts and baby quilts for charity,using mostly scraps and fat quarters...front, borders, binding, AND backing. It goes quickly that way, especially as I make many of them. It is challenging and fun.

Anonymous said...

Ja, jeg kom på en ide til, du kan jo lage til noen stoffpakker til utlodningen til NQF til årsmøtet. Eller du kan legge ut noen stoffpakker for salg/gi bort mot betaling av porto eller i bytte med noe annet.

Det var da voldsomt så mye stoff du har Nancy! Du fant vel masse når du fikk nytt syrom!

Hilsen Astri

Hanne said...

I desperately need some stash reducing.DH and I wanted some change in the bedroom and bought Billy shelves with glass doors. Lovely look but oh, less space for my fabrics. I think I need to make more quilt for Teppeaksjonen very very fast.
Bonnie at www.quiltville.com has some good ideas :-) String quilts are pretty fast too. I need to take action! I am sure you are having a good time in Birmingham :-)

Anonymous said...

Best way to reduce stash is to bring the fabrics to your next quilter-friends' get-together and tell them you have surprise gifts for them and to "help yourself"!
I'm sure you are enjoying your English quilting experience very much!

QuiltingFitzy said...

I did a major stash reduction by giving away to a friend who does charity quilts. I gave away lots of blocks I received in swaps with coordinating fabrics to help finish them up, and lots of fabric I just knew I would never select for things of my own as my tastes have changed.

Those mile-a-minute blocks go quickly and string quilts use up lots of scraps in rapid fashion.

Good luck!