Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

Hi to all of you nice people visiting my blog! This is fun :-)

I have been very busy in my new sewingroom. Offcause, that is the official reason for absence from blogging land. In the meantime I have been nominated for Rockin' Girl Blogger. Both Anne-Grethe and May Britt have nominated me. Thank you both for this exalted honour :-)

I would like to pass this honour back to May Britt who got me started. The honour is also passed on to Sølvi who lives in Trondheim and make beautifull quilts, Bonnie who gives me great inspiration for scrapquilts, Thimbleanna who have such beautifull silver thimles in her blog heading and Monika for her beautifull photos from her life at the farm.

Hugs from Nancy

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