Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sewing toot class

Hi again

This is the lovely group of sewers from my class in Lørenskog some weeks ago. I had a good time staying at Hanne's. Her project is completed. You can see it here.

After Lørenskog I had a few days at home befor going to MIL. She is not well and live so far away. Went to Northern part of Norway by plane and stayed for a week. Also visited SIL, about one hour by bus from where MIL lives. The wether was beautifull. Just look at the photo! The photo is taken from Senja across Gisundet. For those who do not know, this is abow the Artic Circle.

Norway is a long country and returning to Grimstad the whether was beautifull in this part too. A phenomenon that is rare. But as you can see, still winter on Senja but no snow and absolutly spring in Grimstad. Just as the callender indicates :-). The photo is from my garden. This beautifull pine three is growing tall and strong and have become a symbol in my life.

Take care. Hugs from Nancy

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