Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hi again.

Time flies. I have been at my MIL. She is not well. Had her 90th birthday in Januray. Since then she have suffered from apoplexia cerebri due to low blood presure. Her heart is tickin' unregularly. She is old and understandly she is afraied to stay alone. DH does not have a big family and all live within 0 - 10 hours distance, depending of metode of traveling. Not ideal in this situation. I'm not "on top of the line" my self, but manageing.

On my travel back to Grimstad I'm staying at a hotel to be ready for a new board meeting for NQF - Norwegian Quilting Assosiation. This is our last meeting to arrange our annual big meeting with classes, lectures, shops etc. Big event - and eaven bigger than expected. I'm working tonight :-)

Hugs from Nancy

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Hanne said...

Good luck with your work meeting before NQF's yearly meeting - and 20th anniversary.