Thursday, May 1, 2008

Give Away and Thimbles

OK, times out!

Marita made it in time. So did Hanne. I have been to Hannes house and know she have a pritty good collection. Smile. Beth at Highland Hen also bearly made it for the drawing showing her one thimble. That is enough to be in the drawing. Smile.

This makes 17 participants in the drawing. Now I need some sleep. Tomorrow noon will be the special drawing supervised by DH and Gizmo the cat. Make your prayers.

To make you in that thimble mood I'll show you some more pieces from my collection.
This is a real piece of art! One truely handmade thimble in some kind of metal (not silver, more steal) with half siccors decoration. This one I bougth in a sunday market in front of the Odense cathedral back in year 2000.
Below is another "unknown type of metal" with a greek ribbon. I have no knowledge of this metal. Its aubergine colored and not silver. The greek band is in goldlike metal.

See you for the big drawing tomorrow!
Good night from Nancy


Gypsy Quilter said...

Nancy, my thimbles are living in Georgia right now. Is it okay that I posted my antique pincushions instead?

Nihal said...

Thanks for your lovely posting about thimbles, Nancy:) I love thimbles- because there's something so cute about their mini scale. Does not it look like a 'tiny shoe':)

How nice to see that Ladies have quite 'colorful history' at their homes for such a tiny sewing tool!

Have a great crafty day.

~ Nihal at CrossRoads

May Britt said...

WOW....those two thimbles are great. Very special.