Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ta ta ta ta (drumroll) And the winners are......

Sorry I'm late. Some unexpeted visitors came to our hourse. But now I ready and as you can see so is Gizmo inspecting the bowl of tags.

DH did the drawing........

and the winners are:

Laila at Jacobs Quilt

Dagmar at Quiltmoose

Gail at Quit Quilted


Now you all need to send me your snail mail address to receive your prize.


Doodlebug Gail said...

What a lovely surprise! Thanks Nancy (and Gizmo!). An e-mail will be on its way to you shortly.

Laila said...

Thanks a lot. How fun...
I feel so luckey to day. Sadly there are no Lotto to day. ;-)
Big hug from me.

Finn said...

Hi Nancy in Norway, *VBS*, what a lovely give-a-way you did! And what lucky gals to be getting your prize filled purses.
Love Gizmo, and the pretty quilt he is standing on. Happy blogging, Finn

Quiltmoose - Dagmar said...

Nancy, I am soooo excited to have won one of your beautiful purses! Thank you so much!
I will send you my snail mail addy in an email.


Nana's Quilts said...

Very nice prizes you had to give those lucky readers. Excellent. I wanted to share my blog with you - currently photos of some thimbles as well as some other sewing "stuff". It's such fun to have all these lovely things.
Good wishes,

Nihal said...