Thursday, October 2, 2008

Golden Shears World Championship 2008

Golden Shears World Championship 2008 have started.

I've made this heard of sheep, ment for covering winebottles. Simular to the cows and cats in previous post.

It have been a long day. This is a photo from our stand. Mom chatting with a visitor. Today we had visitors from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa at our stand. So much fun.

Hugs from Nancy


Thimbleanna said...

Your stand looks beautiful! I hope you've done well!!!

Scottish Nanna said...

Very nice cows Nancey I hope you do well at your stand.
Hugs Mary

chook said...

oh Nancy your stand looks fantastic I hope you do well
hugs Beth

Anna M. said...

I really love the sheep bottle covers...where did you find the pattern? I need to get one of those patterns! Your stand looks like lots of fun...glad you are having such a nice time! =)

Sigrun said...

Så flott stand dere hadde. Må være vekstra hyggelig å kunne gjøre sånne ting sammen med mammaen sin. Så innslag på TV'N fra arrangementet. Det så kjempehyggelig ut med masse mennesker.

Karen said...

Loving the winebottle covers!