Saturday, November 29, 2008

Advent fun

Giving is as much fun as receiving. I had great fun preparing calender gifts for my mom. She gets one each day.

Yesterday I got two fat envelopes in my mailbox. I am a lucky girl. May Britt and Hanne sent me gifts.

Advent gifts for every saturday and sunday. As you can see, henging ready to be opend one by one.

I have already opened one from May Britt, but I'm not allowed to tell yet.
Have a great week end.
Hugs from Nancy


Simone de Klerk said...

Isn't it great fun to look at all those presents and being allowed to open them, one every Sunday until Christmas. Looking forward to see what you got.
How lovely that you make Advent special for your mother each year (O:

May Britt said...

You are a great friend and deserves the best :) Enjoy the small packages.

Joan said...

How lovely for your Mum. It's so nice opening a little gift in advent.