Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What did I buy in Gotenborg??

I got a phonecall from a friend today. She missed my blogging :-) Well, she was wondering if I was OK since it have been almost two weeks since my last post. She know I have something to blog from Gotenborg. So, what did I buy?? Are you waiting to have a peek too??

I bought a bag of pink buttons, a tapemesure in a little tin, embroydey needles, pins, magnetic buttons for bags, refill for my stitchery markingpen, some Japanics fabrics, a nice cellection of DMC linnen embroidery floss. Never seen this DMC floss before. Really nice earth tones. I also bought a bended embroidery scissor for machine embroidery. Found three stuffing tools for dollmaking that I have been looking for a long time. A roll with seven diffrent silk threads for applique was something I never knew I needed. A big spool for bastingthread I knew I needed.

I subsribe to this swedish quilt magazine calles Fat Quarter. Latest issue had a nice tablerunner with bees on. I bought a kit for this tablerunner. Have not started this project yet.

Last week I finnished up a project for a magazine. That was my only project in May. It's on my list, but no photo. Truth, I forgot to take photo before sending it of. I was in such a hurry to get it packed end sent off that I simply forgot.

Past weekend was a long weekend here in Norway. Monday off too. The weekend was a summer delight. Nice sunny wether and temperature. I have spent entire day outdoor, working a bit in the garden, stitching, grooming the cat and just relaxed. Do I look like a cooked shrimp?? No, not at all :-) According to earlier experience I went heavy on the sun screen lotion.

DH have been cooking, as he always does in weekends. Mostly barbecue due to nice wether conditions.

This weekend really filled my batteries again. My spirit is high and tomorrow I'm back in my sewingroom.

Take care and enjoy life.

Hugs from Nancy


May Britt said...

You did great buyings in Goteborg. Looking forward to se the table runner made. It looked so nice when I saw it hanging in the shop.

Sissel H.S said...

Shopping, yes you can do it :-)