Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cuddely Cat

Gizmo is a very cuddely cat.  As you can see he and May Britt got along very well.

May Britt cuddeling with Gizmo  more more Oh this is soo good

He is so spoiled! 

Outdoor he has a favorit spot.  He loves to spend time on top op the box we keep pillows and stuff for outdoor use.  Not just on top of the box, but on top of a pile of pillows.

Gizmos favorit spot

He is moms Prince. :-)

Last week the wether was kind of nice but we had some heavy local rain shower.  Can you see how the raindrops just jump several inches up after hitting the deck?


This is the kind of wether Gizmo does not like.  Lucky mom has the right tool to get him dry.

 Make me dry more dry oh its so good to be dry

He just love this!

Greatings from Gizmo.

Hugs from Nancy

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Jeanne said...

Gizmo is one of my favorite blogger cats. Does he like to sit on your lap?