Thursday, July 9, 2009

Recyceling old jeans

Some of my sewingrelated work need to be done outdoor. Recyceling old jeans is a messy and dusty work. Lucky I have the perfect spot in the shadow for this. I even bring my sewingmachine outside when I need to.

About a week ago we did a big "spring cleaning" of the attic. You would not belive what we have managed to put into the attic over the years. Mostly junk that should have gone to the dumpster right away. Well I found some stuff that I could not throw away. Toys from our kids, blankets, rugs and 5 bags of old jeans. Yes, 5 big bags! As I looked inside I found DS2 old Turtle jeans from he was about 6 years old. Now he is 22. Anyway, I could not get myself to throw all those jeans away. This is jeans from the first bag.

Last year I made pillows and cover for outdoor use. It turned out nice, so I have desided to make cover for my sunbed, some tablecloths and more pillows. I cut squares in different sizes from the best parts of the legs, normaly the back side.
My mom have made rugs using old jeans. I want to try it too. I use the June Tailor Shape Cutter ruler to make 1 inch wide strips. It worked really fast and well. Later I'll sew strips together.
My plan was to bring the sewingmachine outdoor today, but I don't think it is such a good idea.
The rain is pooring down and I hear thunder rolling close by. I have other projects for indoor. I'll tell you more about that another time.
By the way, my 2 year blogaversary is comming up. I'll post a give away.
Hugs from Nancy


Lise in Norway said...

Spennende med jeans....Holder på å kutte biter til en frakk selv.

Gleder meg til å se trekket til ute møblene!

May Britt said...

Love your out door sewing space. Looking forward to share it with you really soon.

Merete said...

Spennende å se hva det blir ut av alle disse jeansene:-)

Sølvi's blog said...

Dongerymatter blir flott. skal du sy stripene sammen? moder'n klipper dem skrå i enden og legger dem om hverandre - funker fint det også. Se bilder av hennes dongerikreasjoner på

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Don't you just love old denim? I have a stash of it myself that I have been working on recycling. I make aprons and clothes pin bags out of them. So sturdy and practical!


Sewingmamusia said...

Hi Nancy,
I came across your blog today and ma quite interested in what you are going to do with all that denim. Please post as you go along. I also have some old jeans from my boys who are now all over 22 years old. I'm curious to see what you do with them.

Susuko said...

I´m looking foreward for your jeans project, last year it was a wonderfull quilt and tablerunner!
Which size do you cut the squares?
Have you a concept?
Bye, Susuko.

Hanne said...

I am looking forward to see what you will make from the jeans squares :-)

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I have a bunch of jeans that I should get busy and do something with. An outdoor quilt is a good idea!