Saturday, August 1, 2009

Phu, I made it!!

Yesterday I kind of snapped out of vacation mode and realized that I had not finished a single project for July in the one project a month challange. But have I started many new once :-)

I hurried to my sewing room and dived in my Orphan box. I found this stitchery angel block.

Orphan block

I decided to make a note book cover. It’s a quick and easy project :-)


I made it just in time !!

This week I have done one big rearranging job!! No, not in my sewing room, but in my collection of DMC embroidery threads. I kept them all in plastic bags in a total mess. If you wonder how I managed to find the colour I needed, I didn’t! I think this will work a lot better. All the different threads winde up on paper spools and displayed in a box. Looks very tidy, don't you think.? :-)

Orden i sysakene

Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs from Nancy


Carin said...

Nancy your angel is so pretty what a good job and who can't use a book cover.

I am a little obsessive so I have 5 of those little plastic boxes with every DMC color made labeled and in numerical order. LOL I said I was a little obsessive. I think they are so pretty all in the box like a treasure chest of jewels or something. Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Nice angel you made. Today your parcel has arrived. Thank you very much I enjoyed opening it.

Inga Helene said...

Flott system i brodergarnet det der! :-)

Anonymous said...