Monday, August 10, 2009

Fast forward week

Past week have been full of surprices. My SIL and kids came to stay for a few days. I enjoyed it very much because they live far up north and I don't get to see the kids often. They are 12, 10 and 2. The 2 year old is such a sweetepie. She helped me rearrange my embroderyfloss and loved playing in my sewingroom. Her favorite was a glass of big buttons and a box of stuffed hearts. I made gymbags with name and photos on for the big kids. I forgot to take photos, but hope to get one later.

This week I get to play nurse. DH took a fall in the garden steps, playing with Gizmo. Result: three rib fractures. He does not move too fast around the house ;-). Poor thing. No golf upcomming weekend that's for sure.
My plan for this week is sew sew sew!
Stay tuned to have a peek later this week.
Hugs from Nancy


May Britt said...

I remember playing with buttons too when I was a child.
Poor Alf LOL Tell him not to play outside in the dark. He's to old for that LOL

Carin said...

I still love to play with buttons!

Poor DH ribs hurt so bad. Soft and gentle hugs for him.

Jeanne said...

I used to play with my Grandma's button box when I stayed there and have it now. It brings back many happy memories. Hope your DH heals quickly.

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