Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sneek peek

As promised a sneek peek on my latest work. Blue Java is my latest pattern. Not all finished yet (as you can se, the buttons are not sewn yet.)

Last night DH and I had a three course dinner at home. Normaly DH cook weekends, but due to poor mobility I had to cook this weekend. I'm so spoiled that I have not cooked weekends in 15+ years! I did not make the intire three course. DS2 brought dessert from our local gourmet resturant where he works. Panna cotta with berries in season. Delicious! DH is allways giving Gizmo treats. He loved Panna cotta as you see :-)

Today I have been walking the woods picking more mushrooms. You know, this is the season :-)

Hugs from Nancy


May Britt said...

That cat is soooooo spoiled and sooo cute. Your blue java is so lovely

Carin said...

That poor kitty you need to treat it better LOL!

Merete said...

Blue Lava looks great!

Anne-Grethe said...

Dette ser lekkert ut. Likte veldig godt quilten "Skatter fra restekassen" du hadde i Quiltemagasinet nr. 4/09 som jeg fikk i posten idag. Herlige farger!