Friday, April 11, 2008

DH's gifts from Singapore

DH went to Singapore for a business trip after Easter Holiday. When he returned I had already left for our Annual Quilt meeting. He is a nice hubby and braught back thise goodies for me.
The fabric packs is collections of fq's so I just had to open them to show you. Smile.

I don't have any specific plans for this fabric collection, but I'm sure they will come to good use.

I am enjoying time in my sewingroom to destress from last weekend. A friend dropped by to day for a cup og coffee. She brought a wonderfull book: 5.500 Quilt blocks Designs by Maggie Malone. I just have to buy that book! You know what that means?? ;-) Yes, shopping on the internet again.

Hugs from Nancy


May Britt said...

Lycky you!!!! He is so kind going on fabricshopping on his business trip.

Tonje said...

How nice of your hubby to bring such lovely gifts!