Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Timble collections

Oh, it's so much fun to see your collections of thimbles. Just look at May Britts collection again. I just love her silver thimbles. Laila have not blogged her collection yet, but hopefully soon. Inger at Tiriltunge did not collect thimbles 8-O! Is that really true? Not a single one? Barbara at Just a little Zizzy have two posts showing part of her collection. Monica also have a nice collection of thimble. Just look here!

Below you can see another part of my collection.

This is "Thimbles of the Worlds' Porcelain Houses" collection from 1980. I have the complete collection of 25 thimbles.

Hi for now. Nancy

1 comment:

May Britt said...

Lucky you having those beautiful thimbles.