Monday, April 7, 2008

Norwegian Quilt Association Annual meeting

This weekend have been exclucive, exciting, exhausting and a great experience. More than 600 participants pre registrated and about same number of local visiterts. About 400 quilts at display in addition to a nice collection of pincushions.

On Friday evening we had a soup dinner. This is May-Britt and me having a ball!!

As a member of the organizing commity I had a lot to do. This is a quiet moment sunday at the lottery booth selling lottery tickets to my mom and a friend.

May-Britt supplied me with both photos because I did not bring my camera.

Tomorrow I will show my catch in the shopping area.

Hugs from Nancy

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May Britt said...

We had a great weekend together. It was hectic but I feel we had a successfull meeting.