Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some quilty things....

Remember OC scrap quilt mystery at Bonnie Hunters page some time ago? I startet and kept up with the progress untill last couple of steps. I was not pleased with my choices so the hole lot ended up in a box of UFOs. Lately I picked it up again and decided to make two quilt tops for charity from the finished blocks. This is the first one. My plan is to make a blue or offwhite 2 inch border but than what? Any suggestions??

The second top have blocks set on point with grey sashing and I used the half blocks I allready made. This top is smaller that the first one and need to grow to be a desent size lap quilt. What about a red 2 inch border, then a row of four patches and a border about four inches to finish? Please help me out! My scrap bin is full so I can make any scrappy border.

I love to spend time in my sewingroom. But sometime it's nice to sit in the couch in the livingroom toghether with DH or friends. I love to have some handstitching to do. I love the couch caddy from Helen (Stitcher's Angel project). When handstitching I allways get all this small thread ends that end up on my carpet and DH's socks. So I made a small thread catcher to hang on the caddy. I found this a very neet idea.

Take care and enjoy life.
Hugs from Nancy


Jeanne said...

I think a 2" off white border followed by a larger blue border would look good on the first top. Your idea for the four patch border on the second top sounds great. I like both of these tops. Glad you re-visited the blocks.

Susan said...

I would suggest the white border and then the border of four-patch and a scrappy binding is a favorite of mine. This is going to make someone very happy.

Bea said...

What a great idea to combine the armchair caddy with a treat cathcer! Can I make this, too???
Happy stitching

Jantine said...

If you don't mind scrappy borders, I suggeest you try Bonnies border for the OC! I did it, and it took not as long as I thought and it looks soo pretty! Just go and try. For the second, I would do a small red border and a wider blue!