Saturday, November 15, 2008

Visit at my mom's.

This week I have spent some time at my mom's. On Monday her local quiltgroup had a meeting and I went as a visitor. It is allways fun to visit other quilting groups.

My mom is the white haired lady in front. Study the glasses! This is just to creepy! I have bought accactly same frame for my glasses as my mom.

For this meeting we all got a paperbag with precuts to make this felt heart.

Show and Tell is my favorit part of a meeting. This ladies had a lot of beautiful things to show. This is a quilt with applique of flowers put together with squares of earth colours. The quilt is quiltet in six parts and put together after quilting. Kind of Quilt as you go metod.

One of the ladies had made this Advent calender from a pattert made by a Norwegian designer called AnnaKa.An other lady had used the same pattern to make "Blånisser" for her grandchild. As you can see, wip. This is a beautifull book cover for a bindfolder. I love this one.

Several ladies had made bags, but this one was just beautiful. All handmade from a japaneese magazine. I asked if she knew japaneese language!! Hi hi hi. I have made a bag from a japaneese magazine too. The illustrations are really good!!

Baby quilts in half square triangles with a center heart. Beautiful colour combinations for boy and girl.

The primary golds for my stay at my mom's was this: Make rugs for DS1 and DIL.

This blue one is made to match the quilt I gave them a few years ago. The quilt will be used for the guest bed and this is the rug to go with it.
Hugs from Nancy


May Britt said...

Great show and tell. And wonderful rugmat you have made.
You mother has great taste choosing glasses.......or is it you that has great taste LOL LOL

Thimbleanna said...

Thanks for the show and tell! It looks like your mom is in a great quilt group. And as for the glasses -- you know, great minds think alike!

Sølvi said...

Kjekt å se alle bildene fra show and tell, men enda kjekkere å se at det er flere som vever matter. Du kan jo sjekke ut mormorsmatter om du vil. (link fra siden min)