Thursday, April 30, 2009


I don't have a grandaughter yet, but my mind got set on making dollquilts. Probably as a result of making quilts for visiting cats. SMILE

The red heart quilt is true WISP. Four of the hearts was made in early 1990ies. Before 1994 for sure. I remember having those hearts in my sewing movingbox!

The blue dollquilt is made form 2" scrap strips. I love the brick pattern. It's so easy and can be made from any size strips. I know there is a holly mistake! I had a senior moment and mixed two of the strips. Shit happens, and this is a dollquilt. I don't think the doll will notics ;-)

In Norway early May farmers spred shit (organic fertilizer) on their properies. Living in a small town surrounded by farmers spring is an organic event :-)
My spring motto have to be: You have to accept some, to enjoy more.
Hugs from Nancy

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Anonymous said...

Møkk = manure :o)