Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grandma's Flowergarden

I started this quilt, I guess almost 10 years ago. A true scrap quilt as you can see.

Through the years of work I probably have done something wrong or not had the right plan. Just look at the quilt, it all crooked!!

I was really frustareted when I tried to figure out how to finnish and put on border. It did not match up or look like some of the hexagon quilts I have seen. I wanted the egde to be like shown at det lower picture. (sorry but this is a test with loose blocks/ pieces).

I have some serious corrections to do.
The quilt was intended to be a lapquilt is now probably ending up as a queen size bed quilt.
A friend of mine have done som hexagons and having trouble finnishing off. She simply cut her finnished hexagon quilt into pillows sizes and made several pillow covers. Now she have given me her leftover hexagons. She did not care to work with them any more. The hexagons sure come in handy in my struggle to finnish this quilt.

To get my hexagons in a stright line is my gould for this week. It is not that easy having a visiting cat in the house, eager to play. The quilt blocks are layed out on my livingroom floor.
I have had such luck in winning give-aways lately. I have bought a Scandinavian lottery ticket for tonight. Keep your fingers crossed!! I am in such a winning mood :-)
Hugs from Nancy


Thimbleanna said...

LOL -- Good luck with the lottery Nancy!

Sissel H.S said...

I’m looking forward to see the hexagon quilt finished, good luck too you Nancy :-)