Monday, January 11, 2010

OPAM and Week 2 focus

This is my first finish in year 2010. I received a kit for this table runner in the Advent calendar from my mom. Precut pieses several December days and the pattern at Christmas Eve. The design i made by Merete and was 2009 Christmas mystery at Quilt-Design's webpage.

I have been good and kept focus! However, I have not completed last week's focus projects. I have just a few stitches left on the redwork. I need to buy frames to complete my Trilogy of framed redwork designed by Leanne Beasley.

The girls quilt is alomst done. A few quilting stitches left at the border and than binding. I'm comfident I will complete both projects this week.

Just to be sure I am ready for more stitching, I have already made plans for my next focus.

Anyone recognize this little scissor keeper? Well it needs to be sewn together. This will be my next hand stitch focus :-)

The Machine sewing project will be sewing toghether this quilt made from one of Rosalie Quinlan Designs. I have already done the stitchery. No I need to sew it all togehter, quilt and bind it. I have decided to use this collection of fabrics.

This evening I have several hours available for sewing. DH is going out for dinner so I'll just wipe up somthing really quick. I'll rather bee quilting than cooking :-)

Hugs from Nancy


May Britt said...

Good choice, quilting instead of cooking. Love your tablerunner.

Liv Nora said...

Kjempefin løper du har laget ! Den likte jeg virkelig kjempegodt !