Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekly focus on project

I visited May Britt’s blog and discovered her new challenge. Her challenge is to plan on Mondays every week what project to focus on. It looks like a very good idea for me too. Looking back I realize that I am working on too many projects at the time. I’m simply wasting a lot of good stitching time by doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that almost daily. I definitely need to be more effective in my work.  

So, this is the projects I will focus on this week. In my sewing room I have a girls quilt on my worktable. The top is done, but I need to do some appliqué on the top border.

Girls quilt

As a handy work in front of the TV I have this little redwork project going on. I hope to finish it this week.

Two brown chickens

Hugs from Nancy


May Britt said...

This is the way to go :)
I will check on you doing just these projects LOL

May Britt said...
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Siddis-in-houston said...

Så mye fint du har på bloggen din. Ha et flott kreativt år!