Friday, January 29, 2010

OPAM update

No sewing this week, as you probably know from latest posts. My fingers are itching to get going again next week. However, I did finish the scissor keeper last week as planned. Now it looks like this.

Siccor keeper

This is a class project I worked on and finished first days of January. It is a “Beauty Bag” with one front pocket and several pockets inside to fit all those beauty products that come in big bottles. It also fits your extra make up bag, medicines and a few other things that grown up girls needs. I give classes in March at my local Quilt shop, Meretes Ateliér.

Nancys toalettveske

Have a nice week end. Enjoy photos of Gizmo and Zappa’s best moments.

Catlove 5 Catlove Catlove 2 Catlove 3 Catlove 4

I have always been curious how cats can sleep in such awkward positions.

sleeping time 2 Sleeping time

Hugs from Nancy


Shirley said...

LOL those cats, don't you just envy them? I can watch my cats all day long, but they're not such good friends like yours, even though our cats are brothers.

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Anita said...

De pusene dine er bare herlige :-))) En blir så glad i dem og har alltid selskap.

PS: nå har jeg også fått meg en blogg igjen. Denne gangen håper jeg at jeg blir fornøyd med bloggen min...

Hils Alf :-D

Anonymous said...

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