Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday relaxation

Today I had 3 hour long walk in the woods. So piecefull and relaxing. I brought home this goodies :-). This is one of my favorite things to do in Autumn, picking mushrooms. Todays catch was 1.2 kilo ( 42 ounce or 2.6 pound). Still early in the season :->

I did some sewing too...... Made 12 more blocks for the beige/ green HST quilt. Applique designs for the flanell quilt is ready too. I will do fusible web applique with buttonholestitch by sewing machine.

Hugs from Nancy

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My old office and old sewingroom

OK. Here is my mess! This is my old home office. It is ok. The desk, computer and printer is already installed in the new work space - my studio!

The old office had a spare bed........ filled with bags of finished quilts, unfinished quilts, models for classes, patterns and more. Do you recognize the bag with quilts where my cat Gizmo love to nap? You can see Gizmo napping here.
Well, here it is. My sewingroom ta ta ta ta........ All my books, magazines and fabrics have been laying too close together and multiplied........ I'm sure that is what have happend! I share the room with washer and dryer....... DH always introduce this room as my hobby area :-/ Isn't he a darling! He does not tell that he have to iron shirts and help out with laundry :-)
As you see, things pileing ....
This is where I keep my stach. In a storage next to laundry room. Neetly packed in boxes :-) I will rearrange the hole storage and stash i my new studio. I need to have a better view of my lovely fabrics :-)I am a pritty organized person and when my sewingroom gets to messy, I can not do any work.
I need more space to do so - or should I get rid of some of my stuff? I have, with great interest, search for blogs with stachreduseing quiltmaking. This site is one of my favorites. If you have a stach reduseing idea and post it as a coment, you will be in a drawing for 10 fat eights, colours of your choice. The drawing will take place Monday at 18:00 my time.

I've been good :-)

This is one of the UFO projects in my sewingroom. Some time ago I bought a bunch of flanels with good intentions....... OK I had plans, but changed my mind. Decided to try out some variations of Square in a Square block.

I made 35 blocks for a lap quilt. Now I'm going to put on some applique.

In addition I have made 12 more blocks for the beige/ green HST quilt.
And, I have not bought any repro fabric yet. Looking through my boxes, I found some pieces.......

I am very pleaced with my progress.

Also I'm working on my new sewingroom / office. Tomorrow I am going to post photos of my messy old sewingroom and office - if I dare to show you all my mess..........

Hugs from Nancy in Norway

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More stitcheries

For our monthly guilt meetings we are suppose to bring personal caffee or tea cup. I allways forgot, untill I made this small drawstringbags for that purpose. They became so populare that I had to give a class making them.


Husgs from Nancy


I got inspired from Hanne who have "gone wild" in stitchery patterns on her trip to Trondheim.

Like many others I have a few ......... ;-) . Here is a shoppingbag I made from a Polka Dot Girls block by Bronwyn Hayes. I love her lines.

I have a lot of things to catch up on. My first task is to complet some UFO's. For the reproduction stars and ninepatch I'll be needing more fabric. :-) Should I go shopping first? I am going to be hard on my self! No shopping. I need to do some sewing first! My local quilt shop does not have any reproducrion fabrics, so I will be shopping from my computer.

Hugs from Nancy

PS. I have counted my thimbles. 189 !

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I'm a collecter!

DH is not too happy about all the stuff I seem to collect. I have promised to do some reel sorting and throwing away.......
However, this is one collection that will not be touched!
Anybody else who collect thimbles?

Hugs from Nancy

Tuesday troubles - again!

Apparently some of you lovely visiters have had problem viewing photos in last post. I hope I managed to correct the problem. If not, please give me a note. Remember, I'm new at this :-)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Norwegian Grand Prix

This weekend has been busy. DH and I went to Arendal to be guests at the VIP lounge for Norwegian Grand Prix.

Parade, opening ceremony and dinner on Friday. Lunch, pole position and dinner on Saturday. Sunday was race day with lunch, Norwegian Grand Prix race and winner ceremony.

This photo is from the parade in "Pollen" on Friday.

Some local beauties! Special wooden local designed boats.

Helicopters greating the public before the race.

One of the Norwegian boats in the race: Spirit of Norway. The winner of pole position on saturday.

Another Norwegian favorite: Jotun

Also a favorite: Victory 77 from Dubai.

And the winner.....ta ta ta ta!

Hope you too had a nice week end too!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pay It Forward

I, like Linda, Darlene, Wenche and many other bloggers have been reading about "pay it forward" on so many blogs and couldn't decide if I wanted to "play".
Today I decided that I'd join in on the fun and signed up with Linda, so now it's my turn to Pay It Forward.

Here's how it works:
The first three people to join me will receive a handmade gift from me. I have 365 days to make and send it. It won't take me that long though. You need to send your snail mail addy ASAP. Now, each of you three must also put this on your blog and get three people each to sign up. Then you make your three people a handmade gift. Sounds like a load of fun doesn't it?

Odd experience

Some years ago I was a dedidcated swapper of blocks and fabric on various quiltinglists at Yahoo. One of the swaps I participated in was Nine Patch and Stars made from Repro fabrics. The result was a nice collection of blocks.
But like many of my swaps this one is still a UFO.......

Repro fabrics is not what I normaly have in my stash. I had to buy espesialy for this swap. Left over fabrics I've kept together with blocks.

I'm a regularly buyer of various magazines. Just a few .......... ;-)
The Australian Magazine Patchwork & Stitching is one.

In Vol 7 No 5 my eyes almost popped out! My blocks in the magazine!

I recognized my block immediately. It was like meeting an old and dear friend. Yes, you got it right. I swapped blocks with Wendy Whellum who made the quilt Nine Patch and Stars from swapped blocks. In the next picture you can see my contribution (two blocks) below the magazine. One of Wendy's blocks on right hand side of magazine.

Now I just have to make that quilt, don't you think?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Quilts quilts quilts

I love quilting. But...... I have too much fabric and to little time :-)
Looks like my sewingroom piles up with boxes of planned projects, UFO's and fabric. Early spring I startet on two stash reducing projects. The first one is from green and beige fabrics. All halfsquare triangleblocks are done. Even some blocks are finished. But not all of them...........

Than I had this stash of discount fabrics from my local quilt shop Meretes Atelier. I made a brick wall quilt for our neighbour as a "thank you gift". He has been such a sweetee with his "thing" last winter....... 8-o
(My dictionary say "rotary snow cutter"..... got you!)
I need to complete this one soon........ I want to bring it next time we are invited for dinner......

My cute little drawstringbag for stitchery stuff is finished! Rough Teddy Bear stitchery with colouring.

Have a nice day!

I have been tagged

Tagged fore the first time. Laila did it! Scary......
I have to tell 7 random things ...Well, here we go...

1. I love chokolate.

2. I don't like fog. Sunny days are a lot better :-)

3. I love red wine.

4. I don't drink milk.

5. I have too many UFO's. I keep them in boxes so nobody knows how many!

6. My sewingrom is not tidy.

7. I love my cat, but hate all the cats hair around the house!

Here are the rules for the tag;

Each blogger should list 7 random facts about themselves and list these rules for the tag. Next tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. Leave a comment for each of the tagged on their blogs letting them know they have been tagged and to visit your blog for the ruls.

Now I am suppose to "tag" 7 more people to do the same. I'm a newbee in blogging, so I don't know that many bloggers. If you don't want to play please do not think I will be offended. I've desided to tag Nina, Sigrun, Bente, Megan, Bonnie, Inga and Hilde.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday troubles

Ai ai ai! I just finished putting in about 10 links to bloggs I like to visit. Guess what! I forgot saving before closing. I guess that is what happens when you are new to blogging. :-{ I need a cup of coffee to settle and start all over again.

I'm working on new quilt patterns for sale. Only in Norwegian :-)

This summer have been more for making plans and less sewing. I have so many plans in my note book. I wish for the day to have more hours.

Thank you all for the nice comments.

Dear Helen, you have had some bad luck at IKEA. I have done meny years of shopping and assambeling IKEA items. And yes, sometime everyting is just a bunsh of trouble :-o

I'm looking forward to your visit again.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I love gifts like this! Three new timbles for my collection, books and magazines, beautiful boxes, pincuccion and garlic grater.

Ok friends. Now I'm off to IKEA to buy furniture for my new sewingroom. I'll tell you all about my old and new sewingrom when I come back.

Have a nice week end. See you soon.

What a surprise !

Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and leaving Birthday wishes for me! You made my day very special.

Some of you left questions for me. Yes, May Britt is a great pusher :-) She got me started too. Yes, I have noticed that blogging can be addictive - like quilting. English is not my native language. I'm sure you already have noticed spelling mistakes and grammatical errors :-) I hope you will come back to visit my blog all the same.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to me....

Yes, today is my Birthday. No big deal. No big celebration. Only on my blogg :-)

As you can see I have switched to English. Looking forward to visits from all over the world.

Feel free to leave a note in my blogg.


Jeg har ryddet litt i fotomapper. Se hva jeg fant!

Det er ikke alltid like morsomt å vise ungdomsbilder, men disse synes jeg er ekstremt søte!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Gizmo trives også godt i hagen.

Mens denne karen heter Rex er på sommerbesøk. Han har fine aner og skal helst være inne.
Det er jo ikke alltid like enkelt å respektere når dørene står åpen på sommeren.


Her er noen bilder fra hagen min.

Sommeren er en fin tid. Særlig nå som sola skinner :-)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dette er en test. May Britt hjelper meg.

Dette er dag en i mitt "blogger-liv"! Følg med og se hva som skjer!