Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Today is the day to wish all of my friends:

I have desided to make a few goals for 2008. One of my goals will be serious stash redusing work. I have added Hannes badge to my sidebar.

I have also signed up for May- Britts challange: Who finish the most WISP's in january? Like some other girls I know (no name given hi hi) I have too many unfinished projects in my sewingroom. Tomorrow I will start taking photos of my WISP's (Work In Slow Progress). Untill now I have avoided to talk about or show you my UFO's or WISP's. Soon you will know why!

Love from Nancy in Norway

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas tablecloth

Just have to show you new tablecloth made espesialy for Christmas. It is quilted by Quilt'n.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Heart Tutorial

Do you need to make a last minut gift?

1. Make heart plastic templet.

2. Pic nice fabric for hearts. Put fabric right side together.

3. Lay plastic templet on wrong side of fabric and draw around templet.

4. Put cotton batting underneath the two layers of fabric.

5. Go to your sewingmachine. Put stitchlenght to 2 (small stitches). Sew in drawingline. Leave one inch opening for turning right side out.

6. Other side of the work (side with batting) looks like this.

7. Trim away batting close to stitchingline.

8. Put batting on drawingside (to get batting on both sides).

9. Lay new batting down (stitched batting up to see where to sew). Stitch on top of first seam.

10. Don't forget the 0ne inch opening.

11. Trim away all batting close to stitching line.

12. Trim fabric to 1/4 inch seamallowens. Leave extra fabric around opening for turning.

13. Make 3 cuts in seam where the heart goes into a Vally point.

14. Turn heart right side out with your favorit tool. Mine is a wooden chop stick.

15. Forgot to buy batting to fill heart? Use leftovers batting cuts.

16. Put batting on your cuttingmat. Run your rotary cutter back and forth lenghtwise and crosswise to make small pieces.

17. Too bulky? Press batting down with a ruler. Watch your fingers!!

18. Use your favorite tool to stuff heart. Add ribbon and bow if desired.

To make nice Cristmas aromatic heart. Mix hole cloves, canel, dried ginger and dried orangepeel. Crush slightly and put in the middle of heart.

Have fun!

Christmas Peace and Joy

The house is clean, three decorated and refrigerator filled with food and drinks. I'm ready!
I have compleeted my 12 tasks on my list, in time to keep my promise to my self and my family. All was done by friday. I just had to do kitchen floor on saturday. Sunday we had visiors for coffee and exchanged Christmas presents. DH is cooking tonight. I have allready made dessert. I can just relax and enjoy the Christmas spirit. We have now snow. It's raining today. Earlier this week we had frost. The landscape looked beautifull with ice crystals on all threes. Unfortunatly I forgot to take photos.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Love from Nancy

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas spirit

Today I had coffee for some friends at my house. Last week I made triangulare coffee placemats. I found them very handy. Can be used for placemat for flowers and in the bread basket.

As you can see, Christmas spirit is entering my house, little by little.

Every night I have been working in front of TV. I have stuffed a lot of Christmas hearts I'm giving away as presents. As you can see I have made a lot and some is going to be hanged in living room window tomorrow. Need to put ribbon on first.

DH have written a nice Christmas letter for family and friends. This evenings task is to put all of them in envelopes and put stamps on. Not bad. One more thing wiped out of my list.

Love from Nancy

Sunday, December 9, 2007

2nd Sunday in Advent

Today is 2nd sunday in Advent. I have made reasonable progress on my "What to do" list.

I'm very proud to show you that my Advent decoration in livingroom is done. So, my list is a lot shorter, but still some work to be done. OK, # 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 is gone from my list. I also have done # 5, but I can not tell if its completed. = )

Take care. Hugs from Nancy

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Advent Joy

When I was a little girl my mom always made Advent calenders for me and my brothers. About 10 years ago she refreshed the tradition and we started to make Advent calenders for each other. My mom is also a quilter :-) The first year the 24 small gifts containd blocks with hearts to applique and complete Advent calender on the photo.

This year she have realy made me curious. So far each gift have containd 9 squares to make a ninepatch block with the top fabric for center.

There is no more explaining than to make ninepatch blocks!! And the fabrics are diffrent colors and prints.

Is she doing some stach redusing tricks? Making me do blocks for a quilt top? The blocks are big. Each square in the block is 5 inch. One small packet each day is fun!!

Hugs from Nancy