Sunday, October 28, 2012


This weekend DH and I have worked in the garden preparing for winter. Tulips, Crocus and Snowbells are in the soil, but in the nic of time. In the back yard the top soil was frosen ( living on the top of the hill we get all the extream wether to the back yard).

Can you belive this, my garden is still blooming despite of the cold. I guess this is the last bouquet I pick before winter cover it all.


Hugs from Nancy


Testing Blogsy

Testing, testing, testing.



Saturday, October 27, 2012

Walks in the woods

I love autumn and walks in the woods. It is fun to bring goodies like this home. Thursday was especially incoming and I brought home this lot. All of it is prepared and packed in the freezer. The Cook is looking forward to many dishes with the lovely taste of mushroom.



Say hallo to our new pet. Pusur came to our house about two months ago. He is a funny little fellow who loves to play. He also finds unexpected places to fall asleep.


Hugs from Nancy

PS. Any clues to where to look for my camera?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October already


Time passes fast! It is quite unbelievable that my last post was in April! Have you all wondered what is going on? Well, a lot of things have been going on. I will not bother you with all of it, but here are a few hints: PC- trouble, I pad, disappointment over blogger tools for I pad, problem with teacher using my pattern unrightfully for classes at Nordic Quilt Gathering in May (what really pissed me off!), loss of muse, long and lazy summer and autumn and the flu.

Well, there have not been much sewing going on in my sewing room lately. A few projects have been started; a few projects have been completed. The funniest thing is that I have misplaced my camera and all my photos is on my I pad and IPhone and I can’t figure out how to transfer them to this computer!

I’ll be back Smilefjes

Hugs from Nancy