Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Creativity in Bloom

Yesterday I released two new patterns. Sorry, but they are only in Norwegian.

This one is a wallhanging with stitchery and Jo-Jo decoration. The stitchery have sayings about being a mom.

1102 - Veggteppe (2)

A detalj of the mitter block.


Next pattern is a tabelrunner and candelmat with strawberry stitchery.

1103 - Jordbærløper (2)

Strawberries can also be appliquéd.

Applikert brikke

Patterns for sale at several Quiltshops and Online shops in Norway and Sweden.  I’ll make a list in the sidebar.

I am already working on new pattern projects. My next project has something to do with Butterflies

Hugs from Nancy

I got the fabric and Zappa is gone

First of all, thanks to A Quilt Lady who saved me by sending 20 cm of the missing fabric.

Easter holiday have passed but with mixed feelings. Our lovely and playful cat Zappa has gone missing. He went for a walk on Palm Sunday and has been missing since. We have all over the neighborhood, called his name outside every garage. We have walked several hundred meters along E 18 and even turned a few dead cats along the way. No Zappa in sight. He has been missing for 10 days now.  I guess we have to come to terms that he is gone forever.

Zappa med reisefeber

Hugs from Nancy

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fabric request only in Norwegian

ETTERLYSER STOFF Har du muligens dette stoffet? Jeg holder på med et prosjekt og kom til å skjære feil :-( Det er et lindegrønnt japansk stoff som er ca 2 år gammelt. Jeg trenger egentlig bare en stripe på 2 inch, men dersom du har 30 cm å selge meg så blir jeg overlykkelig. God helg fra Nancy

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Great spring feeling

This past week have brought me closer to publishing new patterns. I have tested this new product for transferring stitchery, Transfer-Eze. I love it!


I have this great spring feeling! May be I am like a bear and just woke up from my winter sleep. LOL. While doing work in my garden I picked these branches. In just a few days in a vase they looked like this. I don’t know what this bush is called in English. The bush gets flowers before leaves in the spring.

Spring inside

As you probably have noticed, I love my cats. Zappa is a funny and playful cat. Even so, Zappa also have his relaxing moments. Have you ever seen a cat rocking chair? Jepp, Zappa love this oval basket with a rounded bottom.

Zappas rockingchaire

Have a lovely spring week end.

Hugs from Nancy

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yesterday and the day before we had heavy fog in my town. Not very inviting to stay out side. This morning the sun was shining from a blue sky and temperature was nice and rising through the day. I really got his spring feeling and put on my glows, and got to work. I had a really nice spring day in my garden. My ”red wine” bench is in place, all my herbs are cut and prepared for growing. Ok, just half of my garden is prepared, but that is just ok. Still some snow in shadows spots and the ground in the back yard are not totally towed yet.


Gizmo i kosekroken

Anyway, I really got he spring felling today and it felt so good.

Hugs from Nancy