Friday, September 26, 2008

What I'm working on ...

I have been very buzy lately. I am preparing for Golden Shears World Championship 2008.

No no no, I am not compeeting!! This event have mostly been arranged in Australia and New Zealand. I think once in Scotland, UK. This time in Norway and Bjerkreim, a very small comunity. A lot of people have put down a lot of work to make this a successfull event. Mom and I are having a salesboot selling handcraft and patchwork items. Keep your fingers crossed! Off cause both mom and I hope to make good sales.

Yesterday I made cows and cats to cover wine bottles. I have prepared for making sheeps too, but time run out! Had a lot of fun making them. As your can see, only one cow and one cat have a face. I'm working on the rest to night.

A dear friend of mine is having a birthday next week. I have prepared a little something to be sent off tomorrow. May Britt is the one having her birthday on Tuesday. Help me make her birthday very special by leaving birthday greatings on her blog. Include a coment : Nancy told me to!

I will have no time for blogging next week, but hopefully I will taken a few photos to post.

I'll tell you more about sheeps, woolhandeling, machine shareing, blade shareing and world records. SMILE. I have an idea what's it all about, but that's it. SMILE. Don't count on me for an expert report!

Have a joyfull, playfull and sew-lovely weekend.

Hugs from Nancy

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy dance!!!

Na nan nan nan na na! Na nan nan nan na na! Can you see me doing Happy dance?

Today I got a really fat envelope in the mail. It was from Anna M from Utah who is my swap partner in Lindas Bag / Bucket swap.

Look at this beautifull tote. It has a beautifull flower stitchery in heart shape in the front. Look at those cute little red halfcircles on top? It looks like its made of yo-yo's. I red your blog that this is the second bag you have made. You do excelent work!

There is more! Anna also sent me chocolate, (yammy yammy - it's allready gone!), 4 fq of fabrics, a quiltmagazine, excelent smelling showercream and cards. Thank you so much, Anna, for wonderfull gifts.

Lindas Bag/bucket swap was a great idea: Now I regret not signing up for more swaps. Thank you Linda for hosting this great swap.

Hugs from Nancy

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hi again

I am so sorry that nothing have happened on my blog for some weeks. I have been sick with pneumonia - again. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired! I am recuperating and a lot better. Some times life just get in the way. End of topic.

Linda is mentoring a great Bag/ Bucket swap. I love swaps :-) Somebody overseas is getting this nicely wrapped gift soon. Should I show you whats inside? I think I will let the receiver do that. :-)

I did not sign up for the Stitcher's Angle swap at Helen's. However I enjoy the patterns from the very talented designers. I have made the Armchair caddy from Helen. Lovely and usefull thing.

It's made to match my old worn sofa. The Armchair caddy is allready put to good use.

As you can see I have kept up with Lynnette Anderssons Noah's Ark BOM too. I love this small blocks. Fast and easy to do. Looking forward to next block.

I hope I have not missed out on anything important and interesting in this great world of quiltrelated bloggers. I subscribe to several blogs and need a few days to catch up on what's happening.

Take care and stay healthy!

Hugs from Nancy